Antananarivo Anjozorobe Andasibe Ankanin'ny Nofy

Apr 25, 2017. 14 nights. 8–10 pax. $300 in single room.

Tour leaders: Alejandro Arteaga, Lucas Bustamante

Included. Package based on two people sharing a room. All meals and accommodation. All river and road transfers. Guides and tour leaders. Park entrance fees. Travel money safety insurance. Excluded. Additional nights due to flight cancellations. Alcoholic beverages, bottled water and snacks. Health insurance. International and domestic airfares. Laundry. Phone calls or messages. Photo equipment. Visa fees.

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After an overnight stay at Antananarivo and a three-hour drive, you will arrive at one of the last high plateau forests in Madagascar. Popular reptiles in this mountainous ecosystem are the Globe-horned Chameleon (Calumma globifer), Thiel's Pygmy-Chameleon (Brookesia thieli) and Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae). The most sought-after frogs in the area are the reed frogs (Heterixalus).


After a two-hour land transfer, you will arrive at the lush rainforests of Andasibe. In this locality, up to 100 species of amphibians have been recorded. Arboreal reptiles are everywhere, including the famous Parson's Chameleon (Calumma parsonii), Short-horned Chameleon (Calumma brevicorne), Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), four species of day geckos (Phelsuma), the Madagascar Tree-Boa (Sanzinia madagascariensis) and other 30 species of snakes.

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Ankanin'ny Nofy

A three-hour drive from Andasibe will take you to Manambato. From this point, you will hop on board a motorized canoe that will take you to Ankanin'ny Nofy, the paradise for herpers. The lodge is beautiful and is located where the forest meets with the shore. Just outside the cabin, you will encounter Panther Chameleons (Furcifer pardalis), Madagascar Day-Geckos (Phelsuma madagascariensis), Madagascar Reed-Frogs (Heterixalus madagascariensis) and perhaps even the elusive Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snake (Langaha madagascariensis).

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Uroplatus phantasticus
Boophis viridis
Calumma nasutum
Boophis idae
Ithycyphus perineti
Parastenophis betsileanus
Boophis elenae
Thamnosophis lateralis
Calumma brevicorne
Calumma brevicorne
Furcifer balteatus
Boophis pyrrhus
Furcifer pardalis
Calumma parsonii
Brookesia superciliaris
Sanzinia madagascariensis
Heterixalus madagascariensis
Calumma parsonii
Calumma gallus
Boophis madagascariensis
Calumma parsonii
Sanzinia madagascariensis
Calumma crypticum
Calumma gallus

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