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Why reptiles and amphibians?

Amphibians and reptiles need our help. Hundreds of species, particularly amphibians, are now facing the real possibility of extinction. One way to help them is by fixing up people's attitude towards them. We're talking about using tourism, photography, science and education to replace senseless fears, with fascination and a desire to conserve.


In the sunbathed tropics! It is here, in our world's biodiversity hotbeds, where we have decided to work in the long term. In the short term, we concentrate on Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia and Colombia. From these, our efforts have been focused mainly on Ecuador, which is probably the world's number one herping destination. Other than holding one the highest concentrations of reptile and amphibian species per area unit, this tiny, tropical country is also one of the most unexplored areas on the planet.