Conservation Education
Tourism. Photography. Education. Science.
For the conservation of amphibians and reptiles.

Escape from the routine and join us on an exciting adventure to experience tropical wildlife at its best! We offer a variety of instructional tours aimed at discovering and photographing the diversity of reptiles and amphibians in the tropics.

You know how important it is to create a good and lasting first impression. This is why we at Tropical Herping have spent the past six years creating personal and visually compelling images of as many amphibians and reptiles as possible. With this letter of introduction, the amphibians and reptiles will have it easier to obtain the help they need to survive.

Knowledge must be created before it can be shared. This is particularly true for amphibians and reptiles in the tropics because the majority of them have never been studied in detail. Not to mention there are hundreds of species waiting to be discovered in the first place. For this reason, we at Tropical Herping invest most of our resources in creating the most complete body of knowledge about amphibians and reptiles in the countries we work at.

Good ideas are worth sharing. For this reason, we spread the word about the importance of preserving and admiring amphibians and reptiles in the tropics. By organizing talks and workshops on local schools or field courses with university students, we are sowing the passion for amphibians and reptiles among future generations.

Leave a footprint that will help the environment. By attending one of our events, you are helping us raise funds to purchase land for conservation in the Ecuadorian Choco. This is the second most biodiverse region on the planet but it is the most heavily deforested of such regions. With your help, we can preserve this natural heritage along with the nearly three hundred species of amphibians and reptiles that live in there.